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  • Works like a charm. I had my doubts, but this product exceeded my expectations. Kudos to you, GTA Car Kits! 10/10 Perfect job!

    Here’s why I’m pleased. It’s down to the technical details:
    My car has a CD changer, but a close look reveals that I do NOT need the Y-Cable. I had my doubt because the empty connector only had 6 pins in it – one row populated, other row empty, while the GTA unit cable has all 12 pins populated. Everything tested OK including phone calls, aux option and next/prev buttons. No idea what the unconnected 6 wires do, but apparently they’re somehow not important in this configuration.

    - Eitan Tal
  • Just received my Pure Bluetooth Car Kit today. Installation in my 2010 Tacoma took about 20 minutes, and everything works as advertised. OEM-like integration with the radio and steering wheel controls makes this kit really the only choice. Thanks for a great product!

    - Rick from NH, USA
  • I just received this kit today and wow I am more than happy. My 05 tsx is now fully equipped with the wired kit and the quality is great. For someone who wants high quality streaming through your car’s speakers, this is a must buy as it is a very excellent kit. I have an iPhone 7 and had to buy the apple 30 pin to lightning adapter for my phone. I plugged it in right under my radio in under a minute. I drilled a hole right through the storage compartment that needed to be removed and fed the cord through there and it fits like a glove. Some tips for someone who bought or is buying the kit. 1) Yes, it is 90$ but it will be the best $90 you have ever spent. 2) Make sure if you are using the charging cable that you switch back to disk one when just playing from your music library. 3) Zip tie/tape the kit in behind your compartment. It will make it much easier to store and keep in good condition. 4) Buy this kit! Thank you GTA Car Kits!!

    - Luke Vukovich
  • I bought the pure bluetooth with aux kit. The YouTube video was perfect showing how to remove the stereo. The harness goes straight into the stereo. I had to use the ground wire to power the adapter on but it’s easy to screw to metal. Works great and the folks at GTAcar kits were quick to respond with an answer to my question. Awesome company and great product. No brainer if you need to add bluetooth to your vehicle.

    - Joe
  • I bought the Bluetooth version. The installation video was easy to follow and the system works great!

    - Imran
  • Wow. This is the best Pure Bluetooth device. Setup in the 2002 Acura TL. Sound quality is flawless and as easy as the videos. Thank you GTA.

    - Long
  • I have a 2004 GX 470 with Mark Levinson and Nav. (No rear DVD). I purchased the Pure Bluetooth kit and installed it tonight in around 40 minutes after watching GTA’s onlline video detailing the install on a 2006 GX 470 twice. It could not have been easier and it works well. Now, I installed mine a little differently. Instead of tucking the device under the console by the shifter I put velcro on the little Bluetooth receiver and attached it to the top of the radio behind the dash, there is plenty of room. And, instead of running the iPhone charging cable into the console behind the cup holder, I made the wire come out of the ash tray since I do not smoke. I highly recommend the device. My only critism is that if I am listening to the FM radio or the satellite and the phone rings, I do not hear it through the car….to do that you need to turn on the CD mode.

    - Ivan Holtz
  • I installed the pure bluetooth kit in my ’07 Odyssey and have zero complaints! Straight forward installation and it works perfectly. The radio/steering wheel control support is fantastic and the quality couldn’t be better. I would definitely recommend this product!

    - Adam Schwaninger
  • Got the package yesterday and installed last night in an hour. The video was a great help to install and everything worked great. Bluetooth, aux and phone are successfully working. Wish I had of known about it years ago.


    - Colin Jackman
  • WOW! I installed two Pure Bluetooth Car Kits in my 2004 with Nav Lexus RX330 and 2009 Lexus RX 350 in 60 minutes. It would have been even quicker but I had to deal with removing a Vais Technology Sirius Radio unit in the middle of the installation on the 2009. The instructional video was the best I have ever seen. It made the installation look so easy my wife and I decided to tackle it, and I am horrible at doing this sort of thing, I
    always end up with leftover parts that should have been put back in. The video made it look easy and it was. I got a set of panel tools from Amazon and everything came apart as easy as it looked in the video. Installed the unit and put everything back together, scary easy. Turned on the car, hit disc, paired the unit in seconds, streamed some music, took a call from my wife all in a few minutes, flawlessly. Installed the second unit in 25
    minutes. Sound is great period end of report. Saved who knows how much money by installing it myself.

    Randy Crewse
    Sedona, AZ

    - Randy Crewse