Android Stereo FAQ

1. Will my original Steering wheel controls work after installing GTA Car Kits Android stereo?

Yes, they will. All Android stereo units that we sell come with the appropriate module/wiring to support original steering wheel controls.

2. Will my original back-up camera still function after installing Android stereo?

Yes, it will. Currently all the Android stereos that we carry support integration of the original and aftermarket rear-view cameras.

3. Will Apple CarPlay and/or AndroidAuto work on the Android stereo?

To enable Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on your Android stereo you will need to get a separate module.

4. Does the Android stereo supports wireless Apple CarPlay and/or AndroidAuto?

Currently there is no wireless option for Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto.

5. Does the Android stereo have SD slot?

It does not, but you can use SD card though the USB to SD adapter, and connect it to one of the USB ports that we have on Android stereo.

Can you update the software on GTA Car Kits Android Stereos?

There is no software updates planned, unless there is a software bug that needs to be fixed. The software has been tested for a long time to be without any bugs, hence there is no software update planned for the future. Apps from the PlayStore can be updated.

7. Will the Android stereo work well with an Apple iPhone? Will it not interfere with Android based stereo?

Apple iPhone will work well with the stereo, all the same functions and features will still work, as they would with an Android phone. You will be able to pair your phone to Bluetooth and other features without any issues.

8. My vehicle has original Bluetooth for phone calls. Is it possible, to use the original microphone with GTA Car Kits Android stereo?

No, it is not possible. You will have to wire the microphone that you will receive with our stereo.